During January and February 2021 we commissioned research company Opinion Matters to survey the opinions of over 1,000 business leaders and insurance buyers of businesses based in the UK and US with international operations. With a minimum of 40 respondents per country per industry sector, respondents represented businesses operating in:

  • Healthcare & life sciences 
  • Manufacturing Retail, wholesale, food & beverage 
  • Real estate and construction 
  • Hospitality, entertainment and leisure (including gaming) 
  • Financial institutions & professional services 
  • Energy and utilities (including mining) 
  • Public sector & education 
  • Tech, media & telecoms 
  • Marine & warehousing. 

Survey participants were asked about their views on insurers and insurance, as well as on four categories of risk:

  • Technology – including the threat of disruption, failure to keep pace with changing technology, cyber risk and intellectual property risk
  • Business – including supply chain instability, business interruption, boardroom risk, crime, reputational and employer risk. 
  • Political & economic – including strikes and civil disruption, changes in legislation and regulation (including ESG), economic uncertainty and war & terror. 
  • Environmental – including climate change and associated catastrophic risks, environmental damage, pandemic risk, food insecurity and energy transition risk. 

Of the firms surveyed in both the US and the UK there was an equal split of respondents across company sizes of: $250,000 - $1 million, $1,000,001 - $10 million, $10,000,001 - $100million, $100,000,001 - $1 billion, more than $1 billion.

Our panel of contributors

bob wice
Bob Wice
Head of Underwriting Management, Cyber & Tech
frank quinn
Frank Quinn
Beazley Breach Response Manager, Claims
alex creswell
Alex Creswell
OBE Strategic Adviser
sarah lamberg
Sarah Lamberg
Technology and Cyber Liability Underwriter
kenneth suh
Kenneth K. Suh
Focus Group Leader - Cyber & Technology Claims