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Corporate governance

The board is accountable to the company’s shareholders for good governance. We describe below how the principles identified in the revised UK Corporate Governance Code have been applied by the group.

The board

The board consists of a non-executive chairman, Jonathan Agnew, together with seven independent non-executive directors, of whom Andy Pomfret is the senior non-executive director, and seven executive directors, of whom Andrew Horton is chief executive. All non-executive directors, who have been appointed for specific terms, are considered by the board to be independent of management and free of any relationship which could materially interfere with their independent judgement.

Biographies of current board members appear in the corporate governance section. These demonstrate the very broad range of business experience which the board members possess and that is essential to manage a business of this size and complexity. A well defined operational and management structure is in place. Terms of reference exist for all board committees. The roles and responsibilities of senior executives and key members of staff are clearly defined.

Corporate responsibility

We are an equal opportunities employer and make it our policy to offer equal treatment to employees and prospective employees, ensuring that all are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. We do not permit unlawful discrimination of any kind against any person on the grounds of gender, race, nationality or ethnic origin, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexuality, marital status, working patterns or pregnancy.