The cyber threat landscape is continually evolving, and organizations are faced with the challenge of responding with tools and processes that may not have been initially designed with these threats in mind.

Beazley has invested a significant amount of effort and resource over the years that we have been writing cyber insurance into helping our clients understand, and defend against, these evolving threats and we now see an opportunity to share these insights with the wider community.

In this and subsequent Cyber Services Snapshots, we’ll be updating key data derived from incidents reported to Beazley and enriching that with threat intelligence and open-source data to pinpoint emerging trends. Our Cyber Services team will weigh in to provide insights on key issues for a deeper dive and analysis each time. This content is intended to give our clients, as well as the community at large, confidence in their understanding of – and ability to respond to – the changing cyber threat landscape.

raf sanchez
Raf Sanchez Global Head of Cyber Services

Quarterly data snapshot

What’s happening in the world of cyber incidents? View data about the latest trends.

In the event of an exfiltration or ransomware incident, never act out of fear. Negotiation buys insureds critical time to prepare by taking key steps – making sure your network is secure and backups are operational and tested, determining what data the threat actors have, and preparing communications.

Data presented in this Cyber Services Snapshot is derived from incidents reported to Beazley.

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