New world, new risks:

How are businesses' attitudes to risk & resilience changing?

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Risk in a new world order:

How can we meet clients' changing needs?

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In a series of in-depth reports, we are sharing insights into how business leaders feel about a variety of risks within three key categories:


Technology risks include the threat of disruption, failure to keep pace with changing technology, cyber risk and intellectual property risk.

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Business risks include supply chain instability, business interruption, boardroom risk, crime, reputational and employer risk.

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Environmental risks include climate change and associated catastrophic risks, environmental damage, pandemic risk, food insecurity and energy transition risk.

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We have just come through an unprecedented time, and businesses have been left needing more than a one-size-fits-all insurance solution. Here our Group Head of Broker Relations & Marketing Lou Ann Layton and Group Head of Cyber & Executive Risks Bethany Greenwood, discuss how businesses are feeling about risk and resilience today, and what they now need from their insurer, in a post-pandemic world.